Simulating Again ?

Money, prestige, ambition, power, identification… Here, there is no longer any of the tricks of this world that still have a hold,

Why would I fake interest?

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    1. Promotions….
      I guess this is based on the notion of forward (pro) movement (motion)…
      The problem lies in the alleged consensus on the definition of ‘forward.’
      The corporate meaning Vs. The meaning for a Pilgrim along the Way.

      The quest for ‘movement’ suffers from the same multiple interpretation bias.

      Reaching out for the outer movement Vs Riding the waves of inner life.

      On another level, these two sides of the questions may be connected.
      One leading to the deepening of the other.

      I guess your concern is about the necessary shrinking of contemplative life which occurs whenever the active side is highlighted, which often is the case as one moves up a few notches on the corporate ladder.

      Another question, is the required extra energy.
      Wisdom allows to not underestimate this aspect…as opposed to younger people who’d accept the opportunity and realise this might not be the best choice with regards to their inner balance afterwards.

      Stimulation is key. More stimulation means a hijacking of attention.
      Being ‘challenges’/ looking for new challenges’ is certainly one of those corporate phrases I find the most revelatory of how language is used to hack into people’s brains /spirits / bodies / souls.

      = the myth of never-ending expansion / economic growth applied to the individual / Personal growth…

      Well, I think your last sentence says it all, in the simplest and most reliable fashion.

      Good luck with this ‘opportunity to be challenged’.

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