Psychological Patterns

As practical studies are supported by spirituality (i.e., by studying nature of the mind),
Interest in psychological patterns is disappearing.

These have a relative explanatory potential and, without denying their usefulness in the perspective of a potential management of an inhibitory configuration, they do not represent a teaching deserving such a deep investigation as is often mentioned.

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    1. I don’t know if it really helps, eventually,
      But it sure sells in meantime.
      (magazines, TV shows, training sessions, programs, …)

      I’m wondering :
      Is there anything in English that is called « Psychology of the Depths »…?


  1. The older I get, the less relevant these psychological tools become.
    My bottom line would be that needs to be passed through.
    Psychological knowledge may do wonders in times of emergency, though…but again, they are more pertaining to natural analytical abilities one may have than theoretical skill to be mastered…
    If I we were talking in a park without no one listening, which is almost the case considering my statistics, lately, I’d say psychological realm is what the spiritual path looks like as its very first turns start to uncoil…at best.

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  2. Not heard of « psychology of depths », though I find the corollary (psychology of shallows) strangely entertaining.

    We are, perhaps, unitary beings, however. I suspect the distinction of psychology and spirituality is, in some ways, artificial. However, I wonder if the psychology, however « deep », actually is but the froth on the surface of a transitory wave.

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    1. psychology of the shallow, in regard to our previous interaction is but a pleonasm…

      I think you are right.
      Psychology is mostly about oppression.
      Those who have power and edit reality grids.
      those who suffer from the latter.

      This sounds a bit extreme but corresponds to how I feel on this topic at the moment.

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