Chaos Hologram

If I practice Zazen, it is because one does not fight against chaos.

However, before sitting zazen, I do not understand this and I run from one strategy to another, in the hope of one day finding one strategy that repels or orders chaos.
When sitting, I have no strategy.

As long our sitting practice remains a strategy, the meeting with practice has not taken place,
no matter how convincingly we may speak of “way”, master, wisdom”…

Through sitting, I encounter chaos,
Sitting allows the collection of these chaotic forces,
Chaos is then simply “what is beyond me”,
It loses its sharpness and ceases to be a personal matter.

Sitting is not a combat area where we tackle chaos,
it is a trap door of presence to what is beyond us.

Or precisely, the essential condition for a reconfiguration of the limiting and conflicting dynamics that we call chaos.

See that the transmutation of chaos is not the result of a desire for control.
As such, what I called ‘chaos’, has not changed an inch

I will gladly call it ‘real’ but the real cannot be named.

By naming the real, I necessarily miss the point.

Through these old prisms, all the rays pointed towards me and gave me the illusion of being there to suffer, to try to manage, to face the chaos.

Zazen lets the prisms rotate, and the hologram disappears.

Franck Nov 2022
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