Spiritual Building Permit

From my first master,
I’ll remember that we must always create, at every moment, our tradition.
Practice is a meeting of living beings,
I saw the momentum, the courage, the faith, that it takes to do so, and experienced the great joy that comes out of it.
From my inner master, I learned not to place myself under any authority here — not even his —
Not to seek from any structure to obtain a building permit for salvation.

©FJ ndraw@protonmail.com – Fev 2023
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    1. Not me, not you,
      But everyone ‘is the Path.’

      I never learned anything else.
      I never learned anything at all.
      I knew it all along.
      A lot to unlearn along the way.
      And bravery — the courage to see — is a fluctuating commodity.
      This is where the ‘true’ meaning of ‘faith’ sets in.

      Sorry for this last minute double squeezing in of words you’re at odds with.

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    1. Then you ll read them, mindlessly..
      Them get used to them, unconsciously,
      Then accept them, willfully,
      Then use them gladly.

      My incremental strategy of Simon-gramming is working.

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