Acid or Base Meditation ?

Even if it is true that a certain type of thought ends up installing a certain type of psychological atmosphere (inductive power of the audiovisual, textual content…with which we come into contact),

it is equally true that a certain type of psychological ground attracts the corresponding type of thought.

The two effects both follow and drive each other.

Each effect becoming in turn the cause of the other.

That is why teachings are often based on responsibility for the type of psychological food swallow (cultural context, discussions, TV, etc.)

It is therefore relevant to learn how to test the acidity of our inner pool: sit down (even without physically sitting down), dip the testing strip into the liquid and become aware of the pools which we float in and the type of vegetation likely to proliferate in them…

And realize then that the label we read on the passing thought, its identity, is not so important. It could very well be another thought… Psychic materials of the same color, likewise, are easily substitutable.

This observation helps us to participate in the dynamic of non-attachment, therefore in the return to inner balance.

Do not dwell on the interrogation of a surface eddy: observe!

The one that is passing now, the one that passed a few minutes ago have no relation other than that of being born from the same matrix.

©FJ Dec 2022
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