Fragility (1/2) – Fragile Master

If it is not within the framework of a very precise teaching, which he considers adapted to the need for the disciple, on the moment,

No authentic master can claim to embody a mythological power, nor will he deck himself out with linguistic or sartorial elements pertaining to it.

The master, my master, actually, abides in the camp of fragility.

The tent he has chosen is battered by the winds. At any moment, it may fly away, or collapse.

This is what makes him an authentic master, because, ultimately, there are no such things as barracks outlasting the storms.

Here, where the master resides,
fragility is the very material of men, words and texts.

The master has been able to see in in fragility, the attributes of reality,
and can no longer let himself be deceived by well-cemented contents,
by the scintillating panels,

by the sugar of sweet speeches.

Part 2 : Fragility 2/2 (Toxic Sugar)

© Dec 2022



7 commentaires

    1. Do not over rate the importance given to words on general.
      And to the word ‘master’ in particular.
      Do not underrate it either.

      Many people over rate masters,
      Many others underrate them so much
      So it balances out efficiently.

      I’ve just stopped caring, for my part.

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