Fragility 2/2 (Toxic Sugar)

Part 1 : Fragility (1/2) – Fragile Master

Many of these speeches are cemented with sugar.

Sugar is a violent material.

The benevolence distilled on one syrupy day
shatters the hearts that have come to take refuge there,

Hearts still believe in the myth of power.

Sugar speeches are the skillful vectors.

Beneath the veils, the machine tools embed their sleek arm of cold metal
In the concrete slabs where disciples discourse

Of sclerotic benevolence.

© Dec 2022



3 commentaires

    1. Sweet talking is so easy…
      So efficient, too.
      This sugar addiction can be understood as a global sect, a mind-control technique, a mind-numbing engineering.
      The best way to destroy kindness is to fake it…and then make a global norm out of this fake version.

      We must have the courage not to want to belong to this sect.
      Silence and loneliness as guides.
      And investigate further.


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