A Few Wooden Notes

Often, the big shot isn’t different enough from the middle one,
and the ‘river’ chatters a bit
or bursts its banks,

Other times, it dumbly dries up along the way
It may also rush, the same way a technically perfect solo does not carry hearts along,
Hesitation or unpreparedness
Can be touching, and hit the soul,

These few wooden notes
Have the power to reveal.
Not saying anything about yourself,
by saying it through this practice.

Knock the wood,
Make the silence ring
As one guesses a suffering,
Under the tone, between the words

This piece of wood,
Always lets the truth of a conscience ring,
The wood, the posture
It is also said they never lie.

©ndraw@protonmail.com Dec 2022
Merci à tous

2 commentaires

    1. Indeed,
      Hitting the wooden plank with that mallet at the beginning of the session.
      I especially like the fact we refer the hitting pattern with the word ‘score’.
      If I have the device/time necessary, I’ll try to record and send it via e mail.
      I guess YouTube offers many examples of wood hitting sounds In Zen…
      Have a nice Sunday, Simon.

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