Do we Need God ? (the bat effect)

Recently, one of our former fellow practitioners confessed she had traded cushions for church benches…
In a tone both soft and blunt she uttered :
-‘Still….We need God, don’t we ?’
Her honesty can never be doubted. Saying so, she underlines the approach of non-dual practices as well as the inevitable arrogance, when these paths are supposedly walked by Westerners who are all about : « doing without »…
Of course, the Ultimate Truth is one
At the end of the path, there’s only one end,
The pitfall being not to walk it until the end
Even though the path is an eightfold path, and the doors of Dharma are infinite
The end opens onto a single pasture.There are not two ways of forsaking everything,
You either leave the platform of your attachments,
Or you don’t.

The Divine can be perceived as a guardrail, helping us to avoid spinning wheels endlessly.
Watching westerners closely, we notice they embark on the boat of spirituality from a place of strong-willed intention.
They seem (often subconsciously) eager to ‘do without’.
Well, obviously this is not ‘kosher’, or ‘christian’, for that matter…and is not a problem in the eyes of pilgrims, wishing to appear free from any light panel on the road side.
But they are also negating the Buddhist notion of interdependence among all forms of existence.
Out of this ego-tic spurts, as chaotic as they they may sound, it remains possible to see genuine realizations surface.The problem is as follows :Before these realizations occur, those spurts are giving away erroneous messages and confusing advice…especially as the outfits these pilgrims put on are often magnetic.

But, hopping on one leg, they are more likely to drain themselves out, or even end up permanently injured.Behind the coldness, the costumes, the exotic scenery
Behind rough imitations there often is a well-hidden arrogance. As a frightened little girl crouching and clasping the last piece of furniture. No one is coming for her.
It might be the virtue of duality to shed light on this shivering person(a).

When some Buddhist circles are generous in criticisms towards God-centered spirituality, they often forget — out of ignorance, mainly — the mirror effect these approaches offer.
Pretty much like a bat sending sounds at nothing. When waves finally hit its sensors back, after having bumped into some random element, they let the bat know where it is.

The Divine can be our conversation partner, transmitting feedback information on the reality of our inner landscape.

The bat, the tree, the mountain, the water stream or emptiness,
all belong to the same nature.

The Divine helps us know where we are, and on which platform we stand.
We can call this platform ‘the ego’, ‘the mind’.

Once the landmarks are set
we can receive the landscape callings
to see the oneness of nature.

Franck Joseph

©FJ sept 2018
All articles are copyrighted and available for sale here : RECUEILS

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