Slide Underneath All Layers

There are many levels of consciousness : each of them is a world in itself.

Each of them providing a different or deeper angle

Each of them creating the world around and for itself
Each of them appealing the reality it is able to perceive.

As we move deeper through these states of consciousness
we start to feel the connection between the ground-universe underneath and all/each of these states-realities

Slide underneath all layers,
gently drop them
right here
and calmly investigate.

This is a natural process
It does not require any intellectual construction or lofty spiritual background.
Those operate like hindrances.

A playful, child-like soul is closer than anything else you might need.

Let yourself slide underneath all layers
and see everything remains in place
though everything changes.

Lighthearted, loving, at peace.
Have faith in the process.

Faith is not a matter of trust.
Faith is the result of deep knowledge and inner resonance. 

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2019

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