Where Souls are Drowned and Bodies Seen as Real …

The Buddha’s Pure Earths, the underworlds, Paradise and all transitional places
can be visited while sitting on the cushion.

They correspond to the different ‘climates’ of the soul, to the emotional colors unfurling their specific landscapes in their never ending shades.

Our meditation practice allows to notice that these inner places are not compartmentalized, as we are led to believe through various traditions, mainly for educational purposes.

These worlds are connected, they communicate with each other and melt into one another.
They have no other existence than the one we allow them to have as we momentarily cross these inner territories.

Climates, Pure Earths, underworlds, are a moving whole.
Yet, this Sphere-of-Realities can not be everything there is.
To the one who travels through them, and during the time it takes to experience them, they may appear as the only modality of being.

A cloud of smoke
where lives are drawn and tasted…
Glittery curtains
where souls are drowned 
and bodies seen as real

It takes a sudden gust of Autumn wind
to dissipate the cloud of smoke
and an adventurous hand
to swiftly open the curtains

Franck Joseph

texte  et photo ©FJ August 2019

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