The ‘Heart of Darkness’ (The Era of Truth)

This is why diseases and tragedies, when they strike, — in a somehow paradoxical and counterintuitive manner — can be a tremendously liberating experience for the person going through these moments of turmoil : 

They actually put an end to the games of forgery : our erroneous mental constructions (family, professional, ideological), our philosophical elaborations. They all unfailingly wobble and collapse.

Along with their falling down, the suffering caused by our desperate attempts at holding onto these structures, fades away. 

The games of pretending wane in the distance and reveal a man, a woman, entering in the era of truth.

Like our physical body, once it has been overfed, requires an overcharge of energy to fulfill its digestive function, our subtle and mental bodies, overfed with patterns and beliefs have been eating out all our energy striving to perpetually digest and reproduce the deceptions of the various systems.

Amidst the heart of darkness
open the doors of real being.


Franck Joseph

©FJ March 2020

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