Human Contractions

Version française disponible ici

What they perceive today as a bunch of insignificant contractions,
simply requiring a bit of rest,
but certainly insufficient to justify rushing to the maternity ward as fast as they can,
is nothing but the reality the Delivery has indeed begun.

The necks are open : no ties allowed this time
Only the long-repressed freedom cries
Can resonate from the Womb.

They did not — and still don’t know — what has been lying in wait.

Labor pains for a new world give way to all sorts of fantasies and projections.
As long as the newborn  is not held in our  arms, we have no idea how ready we actually are.

How could we possibly have been ready for this ? 
9 months, one child
2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head
Still, nothing on Earth is more unexpected.

Version française disponible ici 

Franck Joseph
©FJ April  2020– All rights reserved.
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