Zenious of Humour (Jokes of a Bodhisattva)

Humor offers a possibility to sneak into parallel universes.
In a flash, the author of a joke tears apart the painting of our representations of reality.

He presents an alternate vision where those who follow him can quench their thirst and find a bit of rest
The time of a burst of laughter, or the time of an inner delight…He becomes the prophet of another world.

Surrounded with his moment disciples, he shares a delicate teaching and a remedy for the heaviness of suffering.

This prophet of laughter knows how to give birth to platforms.
He holds them in his pockets and, as he walks, throws them to the ones in need.
At times, he lets them bloom from the palm of his hand and offers them to the person in front of him.
From these platforms, women and men can regain their footing, catch their breath, and observe reality through a different angle.

With humour over the shoulder, the wise man walks among the sweating crowds and sprays a wave of freshness.

Like Hotei gave away sweets to children he came across, the prophet offers the sweetness of a bath filled with the waters of a Promised Land.

He shows there is not a single mode of experiencing reality.
He is the renegade guard, opening the cells at night. At the break of day, prisoners realise it is possible to take a step, then two and three and to actually exist out of the jail.

Thanks to off-the-wall humour, wit or acting skills, the bodhisattva draws swift and brilliant connections in the air.
He rearranges space and time for those who hear him.

A pocket Pure Land, a foldable Paradise glitters through in his eyes and appears in front of the feet of those who follow him.
The time of a joke, practice is made easier and difficulties are alleviated.

The humour of bodhisattvas is made of the same essence as the raised fingertips of people bowing down (sanpai).

Finally all these ‘Buddha jokes, skilful means, preserve the humility of a true wise man.
They dismantle the bricks of seriousness made with the sand of projects and projections.

They are cemented with ignorance and end up erecting infernal towers, so dense that humour itself could hardly find its way through.

Franck Joseph
©FJ July 2020 – All Rights Reserved

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