My Lifelong Friend

Your insecurities : they’re what keeps me away from you
what chops my attentiveness and jerks my sentences
So blatantly bleeding, they splash around and drown me.

A sly ripple effect have them resonate in my body
Where doubt ruthlessly rules

As they hit, they remind me of sensitive oscillations
And send me off balance, orbiting, at bay

I’m supposed to dampen your fears and secure the docking a young heart awaits
Yet, I’m leaving a friable soil.

My lifelong friend, be strong for me
Do not deny your true self.

Teach me again how to welcome weakness
Like you’ve never stopped doing
To my deafened ears

(Une version française est disponible ici: A mon ami de toujours )

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved

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