The Role of the Mind (in Times of Pandemic)

I feel a growing urge to invite people to get more accustomed to the following idea :
Phenomena are a concrete realisation of our — collective and individual — inner machinery.

In an endless loop, this process keeps feeding on itself.
Trapped inside the crazy swirls of the loop, we have become strangers to the reality of our ‘experiences factory”.
It is time to enter the engine room.

Following this trail of observation, we realise a pandemic can turn out to be the collective actualisation (symptoms) of a network of inner conditionings.
Individuals, carrying the pitchfork of fear, turn their inner soil and create the conditions for the realisation of the very element they wished would never come true.

Feeding the energy of ‘not wishing to realize‘, they prepare the surfacing of a pathological condition.

Anticipating non-realisation is — in a counter intuitive manner — supplying the materials necessary to fear.
This is a destabilisation of our inner landscapes : a disruption of natural serenity.

This disruption can take the form of a pathological manifestation.

The same way weather conditions shape the land
Our inner climates carve the reality of our landscapes.

Through fear and anxiety we are calling in what we dread.
(What you fear, you think about, what you think about, you feed)

This psychological summoning, even though it is a rejection, a refusal, sets in motion the mechanisms of realisation.

In the case of a pandemic (collective), or a pathology (individual), we should pay extra attention as we utter a list of potential symptoms, for they may turn out to — unconsciously — define the disease itself.

Would it be totally inappropriate to believe that a government, an institution or any recipient of legitimacy (professionals, advisers… ), in a more or less conscious fashion (whether or not we wnat to give a darker twist to this post), can mould a global phenomenon ?

Now, let’s consider this from another angle and change the horizon for a minute.
Imagine the wonderful perspectives such mechanisms of projection and actualisation can open onto.

Imagine the virtuous loops which would be set in motion once individuals and societies become aware of the gears’ functioning.

Through the practice of mindfulness, pacified observation, we would dismantle those gears and empty the energy on which they feed. 

Like a window we open to release a bee hive trapped in a room.
Like two rails from a track where runaway trains have been launched for ages
That suddenly come undone.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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