The Soul in Buddhism

Buddhism does not assent to the existence of an eternal soul.

Minds raised in Christianism find in this latter assertion a sufficient reason to turn their backs on the Buddhists paths.

Yet, I can’t see anything justifying such a radical distancing reaction. Quite the opposite : this statement is conveying great news. It whispers to any pair of ears nurtured and soothed by the idea of a soul.

The seeming deadlock comes from the ‘eternal’ component.
Eternity is not from the realm of the soul. Let’s consider the following perspectives :

– The ‘soul’ does not fall under the frame of Time.
Strictly speaking, it can therefore never be called eternal. Eternity only emerges if it adjoins the concept of Time.
Eternality has no meaning, it is a foolish projection.

– ‘Eternal’ can be understood as ‘beyond Time’ and what falls under this beyond is not the soul as a soul.
It carries on with its Karmic Path until it has stopped being…what it was…precisely, this soul…to become something else.

Franck Joseph

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