Swimming or Drowning Lessons ?

How unskillful that is,
Using others’ errant ways to cover our own wanderings,
to take the blanket they would like us to tuck them in with,
and try to warm up our own body with it,
to capture their suffering and dive into the cracks,
wishing to bring meaning to our own existence.

And blind man guiding a blind man cannot be called a true guide
A drowning man leaning on a man busy getting drowned himself.
None of them can end up on the shore safe and sound.
Each one replace a worn-out band-aid with a worn-out band-aid
And prevent the healing on the other’s wound.

Within this maddening spiral, the whole gamut :
Yoga, Taichi, Mindfulness …
Every new element pushes people a bit further down,
where they both end up out of sight, out of reach.

Only long-tested guardrails, placed along the road by genuinely independent and responsible masters can allow to avoid being dragged inside the spiral.

How lost must one be to shout directions to others…
How empty must one be stack up certificates and information so ostentatiously

Franck Joseph
©FJ Dec. 2020 – All rights reserved.
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