Master’s Degree : The Question.

A good question any teacher should consider is :
Am I ‘offering’ this teaching through myself or am I ‘selling’ myself through this teaching

Franck Joseph
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4 commentaires

    1. This one really is a slippery slope.
      Efficient teaching requires a magnetic personality,
      Magnetic personalities tend to get circular (getting high on their own substance),
      and start to believe this material is the reason audiences have started gathering.

      This too shall pass

      I guess.

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. On the white board, the following phrase had been written in block letters ( stickers): « WE ARE NOT PARTICULARLY CLEVER, WE STICK TO FACTS, USE COMMON SENSE AND GET RESULTS…That’s the British way…
        Once for all, from the very moment I entered the classroom till the day I left…


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