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Sura 3:1,

He said, “My Lord, give me a sign.” He said, “Your sign is that you shall not speak to the people for three days, except by gestures. And remember your Lord much, and praise in the evening and the morning.”

Apr.13th, 2021, Early morning notes :

God turns Zachariah into a sign-maker…
Zachariah asks …but in return, he receive an invitation to do something…a call for practice.

Stay sill, silent, observe and listen…
Apart, away from people’s conversations,
Listen to God within you.
Grow familiar with your most inner dwelling,
Listen to your divine nature, to the vastness of your soul.
There, you will find a sign.

With this verse, God calls Man to the lands of spiritual maturity in their reation,
Like a father who treats his son as a man, and ceases to enconurage infantile communication patterns.

To ‘ Give-me ‘, God answers ‘Practice’…’Do this’
Or …’Do not do this’….

Practicing silence is a non-practice, a practice of non-doing.
God gives Zachariah the ‘big opportunity’ to observe ‘doing’ within himself,
to see the chaos, the restlessness of his own mind.

In reality, God ceaselessly speaks to us.
The depths or our nature, the Divine Consciousness continuously reaches out to us.
But it is covered with Man’s turmoil, with dust fall-outs after gusts twirling from his mind.

The Word of God is muffled by the noise of our mechanisms running at full speed.
Again, and again.

Practicing non-doing
Welcoming silence
Observing the spaciousness behind chaos.

This is how God will rise in our midst,
How the God-Horizon will emerge behind our pupils.

©FJ April 2021

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