Substitute Nipple And Marine Universal

Long have I lived in the outlet store
Of assembly-line music,
There, it filled me
With ethereal echoes
Concentrated syrup
Emotional quicksand
Horizons to follow,
Facing overwhelmed eyes.

I understand now that the musical material poured out on our waves, blaring through concert speakers, can never quench any thirst.
In vain, it aims at quenching our thirst for drunkenness.

I listen to the sound playing underneath those radio frequencies,
The sound identity-starving program grids can never truly hook.
For it can never be their target.

A sound guiding our soul further down,
A wave of waves where a soul can peacefully rest
In all confidence, it will hear the gentle stream

Of light emanating from the Mother of Emotions
Putting an end to our search for substitute nipples.

I taste it as a primitive instinct : its underwater flavors teach me
To slow down the beat and blunt the edge of perceptions
In the all-pervasive horizon of Marine Universal.

Franck Joseph
©FJ May 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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