Major Intuition In A Song Of Chaos

(Version française)

For many people,
Myself included,
What creates this inner instability, the anxiety in times of historical tipping points such as the one we are going through, are not the elements constituting this moment : violence, double-bind political communication, disruptions in our daily lives, zombification of minds, destruction of private space…

Strangely enough, now that I’ve become more able to scrutiny what has happened with a calm perspective,
As upsetting those elements may appear, they are not the origin of our emotional anxiety.

In reality, I’ve never stopped noticing how wired for adaptation human beings can be.
Both individually, and collectively, we’re always eager to do anything to turn newness into normality.
The support of human mind is a normality.
In times of crisis, anything will do.

Some people call this resilience.
To be honest, it can also be perceived as motivated by fear : a stupid reflex, an ostrich throwback : quick, quick, bury your head in the sands of normality. Now, we’re fine, aren’t we ?
Give me a nine-to-five, a subway to take, a job to hang on to, a football team name to shout, a crap to wish to buy : TV, travel, …

Let’s get back on track here : what is the source of the psychological difficulties we are experiencing is not the change towards a new reality. If we consider the historical scale, all of this is surprisingly commonplace.

The suffering stems from the inability to read events in the middle of a contradictory environment.
This is peculiar to transitional states.

The fact that all of this is ‘processing’ leave room for doubt. Doubt is the source of anxiety, creating chaos and agitation.
The idea that it may still be possible for things to turn out differently,
that, maybe, we might not have understood them as we ought to,
That it will all soon come back to normal,
That what underlay our belief system is still reliable : people in responsibility are responsible people / they are working, day in, day out for our best interest, for the common good.

I am an inductive person, first,
Then, a deductive one.
From the mind to the intuition and from intuition back to the mind.
Or something like that.

I use my mind, my senses.
I swallow tonnes of data coming from all directions,
I listen to conferences, and sub-messages,
I pay attention to debates, and people’s conversations,
I analyze face expressions, watch behind the looks,
I listen to phonological evidence, what is said from, about, and by the speaker.

From this informational broth, a Major Intuition emerges.
In musical terms, I finally understand the key of reality’s tune.

The tune has not changed…but I get to make out the key out of this clutter of sounds.

The key of this global chaos has risen in my mind.
Nothing is more reassuring. Quite the opposite, actually.

But a score — with notation — has appeared.

Franck Joseph
©FJ May 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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7 commentaires

  1. « En réalité, je n’ai jamais cessé de remarquer à quel point les êtres humains peuvent être câblés pour l’adaptation. »

    Je me demande si plus que de l’adaptation, mot qui sonne comme une injonction néolibéral et totalitaire : « Adaptez-vous ! », mais plus une capacité d’amour, l’amour d’accueillir l’inattendu de l’univers et dans ce cas il s’agirait d’adoption !
    Le don de Dieu est de nous offrir cette capacité d’adoption qui est un rayonnement de l’amour !

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Stephen, tu l’as compris :, ce n’était pas la tonalité du texte.

      EN contexte, il s’agissait de pointer un biais comportemental, et non de souligner l’angle positif d’une acceptation de ce qui est.
      D’où le choix, peut-être inconscient, pour la terminologie du « système ».

      A bientôt !

      Aimé par 1 personne

    2. enfin…C’est ce que j’avais en tête en l’écrivant…
      c’est un texte impuslif.
      Je n’ai pas pris le temps de relire vraiment.
      Une fois posté, il a sa vie propre.
      so to speak.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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