My Kesa (A Robe of Words )


Each of these articles is a stitch on my kesa.
On every sentence I have landed my attention.

Sometimes stable, sometimes restless,
Always trying to touch upon the words
As they drip from the pen.

Fickle and jagged, sewing together
Those bits of being left unattended

With discipline, form and content emerge
As a resort for lost emotions :
A canvas of ink to welcome them all.

These word-sewn patches teach me
How trifles matter, how trifling importance is

Even if some fabric may have adorned the cape of a king
It now lays equally among other worn pieces
And on some innocent day, it will come undone

In the meantime, my kesa keeps me warm
And covers my self with its fibers of wisdom

When I stop wearing it, may this kesa bring
Some patches of wisdom to a lost reader.
Walker of ruffled paths and abandoned landscapes.

Franck Joseph
©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved

All these articles are available as books here : RECUEILS

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Thanks to anyone allowing this project to continue.

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