A Crater Of Tears

Why not admit it ?
Loneliness is, at least partially
The engine of this spiritual quest.

This loneliness pushes us towards the quest on our inner maps.
It is the strength which places our feet one in front of the other, along the route
On the way to the Treasure Room.

Loneliness may turn to solitude and become a precious help.
If a man of this world has fled away from this loneliness through relationships to others, through his daily activities,
If he has never had the time to meet this loneliness,
he has not stepped a foot on the path.

A sensitive man, poorly skilled at existing within this crushing world, starts digging his very being.
He sounds and questions, simply equipped with this tool of solitude.

This world is never short of ‘others’
What is missing is a fulfilling relationship.
The resulting suffering further digs the hole of loneliness.

The Great Solitude is, before anything else a wailing absence, a dreadful sobbing of emptiness,
a crater for salty tears, where deep and sour water has eroded the ground…

From crumbling stone to hidden tunnels
From inconceivable rooms to phreatic table,
A tearing absence causing sobs to rise up turns into presence.
Radical solitude becomes a friendly encounter, genuine and intimate, underground hearth

From absence to presence,
From solitude to encounter
Nothing has really changed.
A single shift of consciousness,
From suffering to joy,
A simple savior of tears,
From wild oceans
To peaceful atolls
A single breath to swell the sails,
From bitter surface to treasure room,
One Spirit.

Franck Joseph — ©FJ Sept 2021
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