Truth Over Fraud

For many years I have tried — as you were giving away those statements coming from another world.– to back my feelings with reason,
You held such statement all together under a single veil of mysticism and spirituality.

If I then had to support this immediate, visceral feedback with intellectual gear,
It happened with an intention to send them back at you, through a mirror effect that – I believed – would have been ruthlessly undeniable.

I now realize all this supporting attempts were in reality aiming at myself. Doing so, I was actually testing all my entrenchments and automatic reflexes.
Yet, the answer was disarmingly simple.

It now appears to me in full clarity :

Peace, in your experience of reality, is nowhere to be found.
I hear claims, talks and impressive vociferations,
Impressive in the past, restless to my open eyes.
Once courageous, senseless now.

The absence of peace in the person you are today
reveals you never fully resided in the circle of truth,
you’ve never set foot in the space of freedom.

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