The stumbling blocks we find through our daily lives are wonderful indicators of the polishing work which remains to be completed.
Presented in such a way, this task may appear as an agreeable, almost entertaining one.

But whenever the skin comes scratching against on of life’s rough patches, this has more to to with a major tear than a scuff mark appearing after some uncertain move.

The difficult relation to our being infiltrated within our daily lives has to find the a modality of appeasement.
Every new bump where the rough patch of skin meets the sandpaper of life acts toward a smoother surface, prepares the ultimate embrace.

There is no masochism or cheap kindness in this phenomenon.
Faith, through practice : this is what allows your eyes to see beyond those spheres of violence, beyond those rubbing-generated spurts of pain.

For within tension lies resolution
Inside the fourth, the major third

The hands of the wise musician
Know the way back to the Perfect Third.
As a patient mermaid,
She keeps singing
From her angel voice
Our heart.

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