All modes of existence are divine since the divine underpins them all.
Therefore, there can never be any chord change which doen not praise the divine glory,
and there is not a moment in life that is not an occasion for practice.
Since The Realm Of God is everywhere and ever-present,
The Divine is always here and now.

©FJ Sept. 2021
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Many thanks to all.

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  1. There is no place more sacred than another. No man is greater or less than the greatest or least a man may be. That, I take to be correct.

    What, then? Is not all in the mind of the absolute? Is not the contemplation of the absolute upon itself all there is? And is not every being that through which the greater mind perceives its dreams?

    Perhaps. But does this negate all claims of holiness (whatever that may be) that carry within them the accusation of unholiness?

    That question has, maybe, difficult ramifications, in particular at a time of obviously needless suffering.

    My apologies. I am rambling, somewhat. This did not go quite where I expected…


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this Simon.
      I do not pretend to have answers to any of the questions you raise (here and elsewhere)….Anf If — by any chance –I ever happen to , I seriously doubt they would take the form of words.

      Rambling, too, is all I ever do.

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