An Experience of Timelessness

After so many years spent living it, following its flows and back-flows, all these thousands of hours trying to understand it and improve its articulation, its relevance, its velocity as it ran through my own fingers,
I now identify why music now appears to me as a source of fatigue,
For it uses one of those tricks that drains the energy of the the outer being and leaves it drunk and weakened. It was not the music, but the discursive component of the tracks and songs.

I know realize that moments when music brings appeasement and relief are always moment when its discursive component is, if not removed, reduced to a minimum.
Music is inseparable from time, it rests on it as a whole and time unfolds within it.

With this process of time revelation appears discursive content, the thing that is said, explained, convoluted, rolled up and unfolded.
More broadly, the same is true of language. Outside of time, could words ever develop ?

This music that comes to mind when I consider alternatives to those draining experiences, is one of timelessness.
How to create non-time within time ?

How, using time through language, can we say what is not happening ?
How to express the inexpressible ?

The rhetorical disease at the core of the unfolding process of music, becomes then secondary and remains in the background or is not born at all.

Rhythmic markers are spaced apart, the tempo necessarily much slower so as to dilute time.
They are, if not anecdotal or deliberately blurred, so that no pattern of temporal regularity can emerge.
This is the case for bird songs, and sounds of nature that mix without any intelligible model — in the sense of a built-up discourse – appearing.

Tones and frequencies take on their full importance.
The grain of the sounds and their undulations offers an experience of timelessness through immediacy.

Why doesn’t intellectual understanding happen here ? The grasping on the sound matter ceases to express itself and leaves room for tracks of eternity, those it has always sought without ever finding them, often without even knowing they were what we had been searching for.

We have sought soothing through music material
This off-track seeking had been the cause of our anxiety.

Human discourse is an expression of this. By the arranged words, we seek the answer to existence anxiety, and by the arrangement, the laying out of words, we inevitably hide it.

The practice of sitting is to language what timeless music is to the sound chaos of pop radios :
an experience of timelessness by subtraction of the discursive content.

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.
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  1. I will not say that I have thought about this. Rather I have read it and let in roll around my mind for a few hours.

    There is a very real possibility I am about to write errant nonsense. Take these statements as being of a thought, not of a settled opinion.

    Time. All there is, all that is present, is now. The past is now. The future is now. Now constantly changes. Now can never be arrested – grasp it, and it is something else. Now is not withing eternity. Rather, eternity is now. For this reason, perhaps, we are eternal in a sense that we hardly realise, and will only know when we learn to see now as the completeness of eternity before our senses. And as now encompasses all, so it is the expression of no thing to our minds.

    The movement of music is always timeless, because it is now. The rhythms of speech and poetry, like music, give an impression of being ephemeral. But all are now. The music is as eternal as the musician and as the hearer. The meaning of speech is merely an expression of all, crystallised within an idea – for it is always now, but hidden in what me imagine to be a moment fixed.

    Remembering this, what is discourse but an expression of ideas that have forgotten that they are now, and an illusion that hides the eternal that is always there, always present, always now?

    I have no idea where that came from, or if it makes sense.

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