Eternal Refuge

The waves of incense instantly immersed her in the middle of the secluded lands
With the soul of the ocean.

At low tide, suspended, as one retains inspiration,
Time had collapsed there,
A few more stones, a few stones laid down,
She knows this place and will come back to live there.

©FJ April 2022

Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

7 commentaires

    1. Yes…I feel their s a parallel which we could draw with the Prodigal Son …
      He had vener left his father’s heart.
      Not a second.
      He had just been aiming at the wrong target all along.
      What is the Hebrew etymology for ‘sin’, which would be very appropriate to refer to now, but stubbornly remains out of my mind’s reach for some reason again?

      Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Hi Simon

      « The Hebrew (chatá) and its Greek equivalent (àµaρtίa/hamartia) both mean « missing the mark » or « off the mark »

      cf wikipedia : Hamartia

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  1. I am familiar with the Greek – « αμαρτία », but not the Hebrew.
    One can only miss a mark if the target has been set, but for some ethical dimension, the target has to be in the « right » place.
    Doctrine seeks to tell us that there is a target and where it is located.
    But what makes doctrine, necessarily, « right »?

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    1. circumstancial political necessities ?
      This is what I’ve come to understand.
      Happily enough, Doctrine is not thorough when it comes to twisting content and gems of spirituality always end up slipping though the sieve.

      THank you for reading and commenting, Simon,
      Have a wonderful week end.


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