Sacred Hours In Night Lab

An example of ignorance leading to wasting life energy :
Not using the sacred night to explore consciousness,
To be your own laboratory,
Heat up with a Bunsen burner
The test tubes of our states
And watch the liquids vaporize
Auscultate the deposits and see the strata settling down,

Photographing consciousness.
Evaluate the conductivity of psychic substances,
Depending on whether they are invested with consciousness or not.

Under the microscope, see the emotional resonances change with various organic levels.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

Un commentaire

  1. Explore the darkness of the mind. But be careful – the darker corners can be uncomfortable.

    Explore the darkness of dreams. They tell of unexpected things.

    Explore in the darkness, for senses are freed from the tyranny of light.

    But there is no reason to leave this just to the night. Close the eyes. The exploration begins… All times are equally sacred, as are all places.

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