Gestures – Movements – Thoughts

There is a continuum between awareness to gestures, movements and observation of thoughts.
One leads to the other and conversely.

Gestures are thoughts in movement,
Thoughts are inner gestures.

Gestures and thoughts are carried by energy in motion.
They are the language of this moving energy.
Both are the entry point into the energy glass pipe.

Without gestures, without thoughts, we wouldn’t see a thing.

They are the salutary distance between us and the glass.
By gestures, by thoughts, we see through the pipe.

And every hasty movement is an opportunity to break free.
Each dazzling thought, the door to wisdom.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

Un commentaire

  1. I may be misreading this, but does it not reduce to the following:

    Communication is thought expressed outwardly.
    Awareness of thought can only occur when thought is observed.
    Observation of thought can only occur when there is awareness.
    Observation, and awareness of, communication, is a form of observation and awareness of thought.
    Observation, and awareness of, thought, may be deeper and not dependent on outward expression.,

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