While Listening To The Breath

If I listen to the breath,
If all masters listen to the breath,
If we always come back, one way or another, to the breath,
it is because each breath is different and deserves to be welcomed as such.

Each inspiration carries newness,
each exhalation, subtle and discreet, carries surprising material.

At times confident and determined, sometimes hesitant and fragile, deep and infiltrating our inner tissues,
Or just below the surface, it surprises me and makes me live.

I look at the breathing patterns with joy as one listens deliciously to the stories of a child, when he opens to us the unexpectedness of his look on the world.
The stories of an adventurer gone on some distant journey and surveying the eyes in the audience one after the other, looking for those where the intensity of his adventures will resonate with the same fiery sparks.

The inspiration, the child,
The exhalation, the adventurer.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

3 commentaires

  1. You don’t need to be a master of anything to listen to the breath. To hear and feel the rhythm. The tide that carries your consciousness into the ocean of your awareness.

    Like the tide, it will rise and fall, carry away and return.

    Like the tide, it is the path to the boundless.

    Master or not. Whatever a « master » might be.

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    1. Hello Simon…
      Thanks for reading this,
      And all the rest.

      It’s not because mastership isn’t a necessary condition that it doesn’t happen that, here and there, an individual referred to by others as ‘Master’ knows a thing or two.

      Sometimes, even Masters can be hit by eternal wisdom.
      It is a playful world, isn’t it ?

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