The Arrows Shot At You (1/2)

Could you, when faced with the nocturnal arrows of the stupidity of all the assailants, how to not oppose a brutal aggressiveness ?

Could you see that in their place, if you had been the person they have become, you would have been, more or less, equipped with the same means of understanding and victims of the same perception biases, acting in the same way ?

Aggressiveness, then, comes from the feeling of aggression and the injustice that you perceive in such a situation.
You see now that their system could not lead to anything other than an aggressive demonstration and that the unfairness you are experiencing is quite close to what your attackers are experiencing.

Your suffering is then the result of your failure to understand just as their own incomprehension gives rise to aggressive reactions.
This same ignorance binds you with the same bond of suffering and you are both sides of the same problem.

By working towards understanding, you are freeing yourself.
By freeing yourself, you let go of those grips of suffering.
Freeing yourself is the best you can do for yourself and for others.

©FJ September 2022
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