Gaseous Rings

I look around at my brothers and cousins and I say to myself that the practice of zazen, abrupt, naked, dry, sometimes,
spares us many worries by leading disciples under the veil of concepts,
beyond the gaseous rings of the historic-politico-cultural strata.

It is true that in the Zen form, some manage to get tripped up and drunk on these emanations, what else can we do for them ? (See Nagarjuna)

I am sad to see my brothers and my cousins, getting drunk, choking and stagnating, inert in the gaseous rings of historic-politico-cultural considerations.

FranckOctober 2022
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  1. I have not read Nagarjuna.

    I doubt anything else can be done.

    Each must find his own way. Somehow. At most, others can act as signposts.

    If you have achieved freedom from the oppression of cultural baggage, you do well. But be careful. One can be so accustomed to the burden as not to realise that it is still being borne.

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