In Lotus

By bending under the femur the leg that will receive the opposite foot in lotus, I begin to cause a pelvic tilt

I lean forward slightly and feel the pelvis tilt.
It is often accompanied by a pleasant feeling of relaxation, of returning to a natural position, from which I had moved away.

Then, the foot of the other leg comes to rest on the thigh and the foot of the initial leg easily finds its place on the opposite leg

By gassho – joining hands and gently bending forward — the posture is found.

© Nov 2022
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    1. In reality there can be no external experience.
      External experience is an oxymoron.

      Like a ‘present memory.’
      Or ‘past impression’

      If past impression is an oxymoron,
      Then time is an illusion.
      An ex-post-split-second construction.

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