A Side Effect of Meditation

-A hypersensitivity…entering our daily lives with no warning.

This sensitivity leaves the practitioner in a canyon of solitude
where the smallest sounds uttered by a bird
dreadfully swell and resonate,
where the most trifling stones
roll and echo in thunders

The elements having caused insignificant emotional reactions up to now, start carrying a vivid acuteness.
This echo chamber gives our lives’ ingredients a destabilizing power.
This can really question the practitioner…
Or upset him beyond reason.

He feels overwhelmed, intimately attacked by an unexpectedly sharp emotional material.
If he has not developed the capacity to detach from such phenomena, or grown insight understanding, he’ll fall prey to confusion and loneliness.

He then might wonder if this practice he has committed to was correct or worth all this disarray.

Meditation is a canyon-diving practice with the power to create disproportionate emotional reactions hitting us head on.
This happens when insight vision is not yet paired with the wisdom of equanimity.

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2020 – All rights reserved.

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