Words : A Footbridge To Nowhere

Here is a strange belief, both highly common and yet quite surprising :
The belief according to which words would withhold elements of truth.

We would therefore have to spell them, peel them, until we finally get to their core content : the beating heart of reality.
Have we ever considered the following possibility ?
-There might be no footbridge to connect the far bottom of words with reality.

The far reaching ends of the last specks of words brought under scrutiny, only lead to a frustrating dead end.

On the way to letting reality emerge, words will have to be forsaken.
There is no objectivity to expect in the understanding process applied to language,
just a muddy ground, where you never stop sinking further as you’re trying harder to get out.

And if words are what everyone is asking for,
Are we really helping by answering ?

Franck Joseph
©FJ Fev 2021- All rights reserved.
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