All Individual, All Collective

What a detour through Japan allows to understand:

Focusing on the individual level is a bottomless pit of suffering.
Westerners are constantly questioning and further wrapping themselves up in the arabesques of successive inner artificial quests.

They have their go at tracing a straight line between the various dots of identity they have been able to spot and hope for the emergence of a figure by connecting moments of their successive identities …

Am I this? A little more this ? A little more that? What if I became like this or less like that ?

Wonderful breeding ground for the hooks of dumb consumerism, an endless provider of styles and attitudes for personalities in kit form.

By focusing on the collective level and by adapting its positioning of the moment to the greatest fluidity of the whole, without falling into the trap of naivety, yet aware of the real drifts brought by an hyper-focus on this second approach, it seems to me that individuals spare themselves a certain deal of suffering. it never leads to fulfillment… There comes a point in time when helping ourselves out is the required step on the way to wisdom.

The ideal move, I believe, is to extricate from both of these axes,
to add an extra dimension to the social reading of reality.

However concrete this decision becomes, it cannot be enough to quench the deep thirst of the soul.

Still, it teaches a shift in perspective, whose practice can be integrated, then reproduced at a meta-social level.
By chance, out of luck, by grace or through all three at the same time, we may eventually reach this level.

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