The Black Hole Of Religions

This question arises in my soul and I don’t know what to say.
I know what I would like to say… Still, can I say it ?
Through the nip, a mirror for the soul, the folding of the paper sheet, consciousness can see itself.
Is it good ? Is it healthy to polarize spirituality ?

In the endless lapels, is it good that the eye be hoovered by such or such black hole ?
Can it be otherwise, or is it a powerful bias of practice ? A commonplace pitfall we need to overcome ?
Can the heart of man embrace the infinite universe and be at peace, rest in serenity ?
Or is it simply the essence of polarization to raise anxiety beyond a tolerable point ?
Each religion presents a different polarization bias.

Just like black holes, they have the possibility to open onto the universality of endless skies.
Once you have entered the black hole of religion, another intense bias comes forth : an exclusion bias… a belief in the monopoly of explanation capacities, of scorn pouring on outsiders depending on the focus we have chosen.
This is the consequence of the emotional impact of the religion-hole we have entered.

The power of the black hole is highly underestimated.
When the frame of reference hits the chest of Man, this latter has no other choice but to yield to it.
Unless Man gets hit a thousand times, then a thousand times pushed in the recess of the skies calling them, Man observe the effects of hitting and pushing, and start walking again the way toward the center of the black hole, right through it, thanks to a grace secretly breathed from the realm where Time collapses.

From the other side of the black hole, religion has been pierced through, hollow parts get together.
Hollow stars will be contemplated with a same eye of gratitude and tenderness.

©FJ Oct 2021
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