The Grace Of Unfairness ?

Ending up as a victim of unfairness, is a suffering place where people experience an acute feeling of loneliness.
If there is such a pain at the heart of unfairness, it is because it is accompanied with an acid and yelling impression of being the only one against whom the world has turned so as to bite at the carotid artery with its sharpened teeth.

An efficient way to initiate a process of liberation from this suffering is to grow aware of the largely banal feature of unfairness.
Though it can be outrageously flagrant for the person experiencing this unfairness, it can be totally transparent in the eyes of onlookers.

If we manage to adjust our eyes, it is possible to see this experience through a variety of situations.
It appears then that unfairness is often an opportunity to practice unconditional love.
The context of unfairness blows out all frameworks of usual transactions, emotionally and psychologically.It is therefore the ground for an unconditional relation, the initiating step for an opening of the heart to a broader kingdom.

Broader than what we would have thought, what we could have expected or hoped for.
As reality unfolds, this practice unveils unthought-of landscapes.

Unfairness is not our limited experience of unfairness.
It is a wonderful Land of Practice.

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