Belief In Science

Much appeasing is the idea according to which there is an infinite number of elements we cannot understand,
not because we still need to give more time to science before it can elucidate those un-understood things, but because, whatever thos elements may be, whatever their nature, their understanding remains for ever out of reach for out minds.

The role and functioning of such and such physiological process, cosmological realities, the details around death, deep see beds, extra statistical phenomena…
the idea of a world where science would be able to explain the least mechanism is a source of anxiety.
Even more worrying is the belief that such a world may appear, and the agitation of humanity in this direction.

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  1. There are those who have a pathological need to explain, and those who are comfortable with uncertainty.

    Personally, I am with the latter. Perhaps the trick is that, while seeking no metaphysical explanation for that which is clearly « normal », neither should one delude oneself that physical science will, or can, explain anything to which it cannot take a tape measure.

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