No Need To Meditate

Master don’t need to meditate anymore,
This is the reason why masters meditate.

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  1. I do not know what a master is, let alone what such an one does.

    I suspect, however, that meditation can become a way of life, in its most essential sense – the basis of all that one is and does. In that event, everything would become a meditation. Perhaps nothing takes precedence in underpinning all that is manifest in such a practice.

    I am in danger of becoming a master of confusion, perchance.

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    1. Quite the opposite, actually, this is a crystal clear statement to which I full subscribe.
      The closer I got from ‘masters’, the less I’m able to know what a master really is.
      This conclusion could let one think that the master I came across were not truly masters.
      This is why it is necessary to add the following :
      The closer I got to masters, the less I’m able to tell what a master is…
      And the less this seems important to me.
      Now, this can be evidence for their value as masters.

      To connect with your comment, we could agree that true master-ship occurs when everything becomes your master.
      Even a fake, self proclaimed master becomes your authentic master.

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