« I don’t know what came over me »

It is possible to consider what we have been witnessing for two years now from a different angle : Rather than a concerted effort at by patiently corrupting actors on all levels, snatched up one after another by the supporters of an authentic plot against humanity so as to subject the world to their vision of horror,
Rather than this strictly psychological explanation, all in all very pragmatic and materialistic,
And not excluding this vision but adding an extra (deeper) layer to it…

Couldn’t it be that we are confronted with a genuine case of possession ?

Not on an individual scale, as when a ‘spirit’ takes place in a human body, and that this one becomes unrecognizable in the eyes of those around him while he expresses a foreign, occult personality… But on a collective level.

The actors of the political, media, artistic, cultural, university, professional and family scenes are truly entranced.
The french language would use ‘en-voûter’, which etymologically means some entity has taken the features, entered their faces.

Thus, rather than perceiving this reality that is inflicted on us with the infinite circumspection that can be ours as we notice such a change, such an arrogance in the display of corruption, stupidity, bad faith, such an unleashed outpouring of violence on our screens and in the eyes of our – formerly – close relations,
Consider this in the form of transitory possession.

These people are no longer themselves,
They ceased to belong to themselves.

This angle of perception can be of great help and offer a different perspective, making it possible to defuse any resentment or accusation mechanism which would undoubtedly lead to a definitive breaking point in these relations or to erratic and irreparable countermeasures on our end, once this episode both grotesque and apocalyptic will be over.

Because it will end.
Such tension is unsustainable.
One way or another, this will end.

Then the evil spirit that fell on the masses,
The one to whom, for reasons relating to action or grace (or both at the same time), we are constitutionally hermetic,
The one to whom we remain, against all odds, against all sick attempts (and thus working for its inevitable disappearance), the control group….

The day will come when,
Behind the microphones, on TV sets,
In front of their students, in front of their patients,
Circled by their rejected colleagues or sitting alongside their children, their brothers,
People will snap out of it.

Worn down, unable to extend further, or hunted away forever,
The parasitic monster, if not destroyed, will have deserted.
Before ‘coming to mind’, the formless monster will have left them vacant.
With a blank stare, still groggy from the chaos that the nauseating windstorm will have sown in their home while they were away,
They will remain there, standing there, dazed.

What took them?
What fell on them ?

Will they really know what got into them ?

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. I think this is a valid way to look at what is occurring, but I think a lot of it has to do with people being guided by antihumanist philosophies like capitalism combined with the very natural human response to fear change and the longing for overly simplistic solutions to complex issues. Living in authentic community with other human beings that have very different lifestyles is messy and challenging as well as interesting and intriguing. In order to appreciate diversity, you have to give up the illusion of security and rightness in maintaining the past into the future. We all have things we hold onto that are not necessary to being happy and open to the present and to the inevitable changing of the world moment by moment, and there are so many fearful people yelling at us all the time warning us of the dangers of being authentically awake as we move through our lives. We just have to keep ourselves awake and open to all the possibilities and keep speaking up against the fearful yammering and threats. We need to stay awake and alert to opportunities to move forward into a more openhearted world.

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