A Recipe By Jesus (1/3)

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus gives us the answer to the question he asks:
“The kingdom of God, what to compare it to ?”
« To a seed giving birth to the tree, to the flowers, to the fruits,
Or even to the yeast is added to flour to make bread. …

I had already come in contact with this passage and found it a little flat, childish.
In reality, I had not grasped the power nor the density of interpretation that it conceals. These words are also in themselves, an example of the Kingdom of God : seemingly innocuous, at first glance, the ramifications they launch in all directions are rich, complex and weave a network allowing us to approach reality.
We see trees without “grasping” the power of the sap within,
And who still thinks of yeast when they feeds from the bread ?

Seeing the Kingdom of God is to see the seed behind the tree and the leaven within the bread.
Joy, beauty, simplicity, humility without fanfare or trumpets (a seed, a few bacteria, the marvelous complexity of the processes at work (can we really understand what operates from the seed to the tree ? Can we we understand all the subtleties of yeast action ?)

The call for help, the call to man, to take care of the seed and leaven, knead the dough and watch over the cooking
The masterful force of God: the seeds grew long before man – they found the right humus for their growth,
The chemical reactions within yeast have happened, they are those of life itself whether we take part to it or not.
Man and humus share the same etymological root.
The seed of God is also planted in the dampness and the warmth of the Heart of Man.
There, it deployed through simple, complex, humble and marvelous paths.

Like leaven for bread, the divine presence in the Heart of Man underpins His existence,
It is its invisible and essential framework.

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©FJ May 2022
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