Step One : Erase Death. Step Two : Buy From Us

The disappearance of death and aging in our modern Western societies, their fierce negation is also the effect of a coherence of the desire for consumption and the marketing engine of capitalism.

The “always more” is not compatible with the end.

It then becomes necessary to deny death, in its state as well as in its journey (aging) so that the will to (make) consume is maintained.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

2 commentaires

  1. A steady rate indeed.
    Everyone is dying, these days.

    WHat surprises me is how we stubbornly invest our energies pretending this will not happen,
    while every single bit of reality yells death back at us.
    we have to be a stupid lot …
    You have to love lost causes to ever want to manage such a team !


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