Boarding the Boat of Silence

The only possibility for the difficulties of ideological cohabitation or the incompatibilities of spiritual positions to be resolved, is not to try to solve them, thanks to an enlightening practice.

The sphere of resolution cannot be the one where the problem arises.
In the latter, are the arrangements with ourselves…there can never be any interest other than artificial and temporary.

The well of Zazen has nothing to do with the layers of ideologies that it passes through.

If the practitioner finds himself in one of these pools of interior stagnation, he must be able to find the artery that will lead him down to the center of the well.
Passing through other pools, he will learn the art of silence.

The entry into the land of discussion is the preliminary condition of a possible deviation towards these basins of ideology.
Calling those “spiritual” means nothing, because it is always a question of calling them.

To learn silence is not to call. Also, saying “Zazen” means nothing. The spoken word, even internally, hollows out a basin in the rock of reality where debaters will seek to draw their two territories.

If you want to follow the path and have a chance to find the artery that leads to the heart,
start by shutting up.

Then listen to your inner debates.
Let them talk, leave the room, there’s nothing to learn,
After 10,000 years, they are still talking.
Take the boat of silence and let them talk.

©FJ Dec 2021
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4 commentaires

    1. this is an interesting term insofar as it suggests an autonomic functioning for that second mind.

      As in :  » I cannot control this car, it seems to have a ‘mind’ of its own ».

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. I used to read him a lot when I was a student.
        Alchemist Generation Representative.
        It would be interesting to read him again and see how it resonates now.


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