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Asking someone to reconsider their entire belief system can never lead to a peaceful discussion.

Even though he would agree with our words, from a strictly conceptual point of view, their own psycho-emotional ramifications that have been set in motion threaten their psychological structures to collapse.
This is where violence is.

Awakening another soul to a reality that he may ignore and conceal in an attempt to preserve his own operating system cannot be done this way.

Find the strength, in you, beyond circumstantial conflicts and sometimes acute tensions from your relational, professional, situation… Let genuine serenity emerge from the depths.
Offer a platform on which he can place one foot in front of him, before lifting his back foot from the place of anxiety where he stands on that moment.

– ©FJ August 2022
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  1. yes, very true…
    A form of letting go we can practice towards ourselves as well…whenever we see ourselves clinging too hard to any thoughts that have agglomerated into a system we have learned to identify with.

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  2. There is a harsh reality here.
    If a person has learned to question his or her own belief structures, to understand the value of doubt and challenge, a sensible and civilised conversation is possible. Though expect to be challenged in return
    A person who is entrenched in a specific world view is unlikely to be receptive – to the extent that any conversation will create further entrenchment.
    But, I have an even more basic question.
    It is all too easy to go from requesting consideration to the realms of attempted persuasion. Why would one want to persuade another to a particular belief? Are we so arrogant as to our own inherently correct viewpoint?
    As Crowley put it (quoted from memory):
    I slept with faith, and found a corpse in my arms on awakening.
    I danced and drank all night with doubt, and found her a virgin in the morning.

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    1. in short,
      1 – Beware of cornered animals, they can get violent.
      2 – Our attempt at convincing others is revelatory of our own entrenchment in a shaky belief system.

      The more we try to tell ourselves through exposing our home system, the less this system is efficient at pacifying us.

      Pretty much like sales rep when they ‘re « trying too hard » to sell.

      From another perspective, there is also a form of vampire effect. Such involuntary self-sellers are sucking the life-blood out of everyone.

      To answer on the second item, I would underline the existence of another framework of intervention, whose end purpose is not proving anything, and whose motives are non related detaining a part of the truth.
      I’m referring to being sufficiently anchored in non-illusion to be able to point to and name illusion where we see it…
      And as long as we have not been able to recognize illusory patterns in our own inner systems, no matter what kind of ‘compassionate’ arguments we unfold, we’re still fighting on the rhetorical battle field.

      Anchoring in non-anchoring.
      The part in me which is able to contemplate past-illusion horizons
      has a direct line with the part in you who sees the same.

      It is a life business to listen to this place pulsating underneath the layers of background noise, projections….

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