« Drink From It, All Of You » (2/2)

There is not one among you who is not called to the Lord’s Supper,
The Great Turnaround, The Great Opportunity
In a thundering silence of complicity,
May everyone rediscover their divine nature
Let everyone share their « Remembrance of Me »

©FJ September 2022
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  1. In passing, there may be doctrinal argument over what counts as the « Lord’s Supper » – there are those who argue it is to be distinguished from « The Breaking of Bread ».

    But such arguments no longer interest me. Let the dead bury their doctrines.

    The rediscovery you mention no longer has, for me, any connection to the mythology of Christianity. Or of any other tradition. That just gets in the way.

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    1. Any Scripture which does not resonate in the here and now reality of the heart receiving them is useless.
      I’ve learned, to my dismay, that the Scriptures are not always to be blamed in such situations.
      Smoke clouds hovering over the heart may also get in the way.
      At least, they got in mine.

      In any case, I believe it takes a free heart to look at the Scriptures,
      Distancing is a factor of liberation for the heart, sometimes.
      A free heart necessarily experiences loneliness when confronted to people who use Scripture as a barricade behind which they entrench themselves.
      This, as you said, is no longer of any interest for me.

      (I’m talking about my personal situation, nothing anyone else’s)

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  2. « Scripture » is, by definition, literature.
    I do not accept the concept of divine inspiration, save insofar as any author may be inspired thus.
    The extent to which any literature is so inspired is a matter for inspired interpretation.
    I seek to smash the barricades.
    Any one idea that may be set in terms of a « scriptural » (in the sense of a recognised traditional religious book) reference, if otherwise expressible, I will, generally, seek so to express.
    I, too, speak personally on this.

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    1. ….in which case, you would be contributing to kneading the Scriptural dough,
      giving life to words,
      expressing the Word in words.

      I guess that whether we ‘accept’ is or not, is not really important.
      While not officially accepting it, we’d be providing a channel of expression to them, when ‘expressing otherwise’.
      Jesus did not talk in « Scriptures »,
      He made them alive.
      So did all the prophets, bodhisattvas…

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