The Grace and the Heart

He didn’t know that you had to be someone really, really special to do what he was doing.
So he did just that, and then became that someone really special he already was.

He did not know that it took the grace of faith
and the braveness of an explorer’s heart to sit as he did, alone in the night.

As he sits alone,
In the night,
every day, without a book, without a master,
without a co-disciple, without a ritual.
Thus he received the grace of faith and the brave heart of the explorer

October 2022
Recueils / Participations
Telegram (Publications et Pratique).

5 commentaires

    1. Of course I do.
      Whenever I hesitate about writing those words, I then think that this might annoy you and this helps me make up my mind everytime.

      On another level, I’m following a trivialisation strategy.
      I’m counting on habituation.
      Perfectly aligned with the incremental social engineering processes we are subject to these days.
      I’ve learned from the best.
      And use it for the better

      I’m Simongramming ini the background.

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