Eyes in The Butt

Social networks…what are they, after all ?

We have been practicing them for years,
A short ramble outside the synthetic grass of that square pen reveals them as they truly are :

-Blinders, hacking off full slices in landscape reality.
From that smothering outlook, we give advice in psychological country planning.

Our shrunk-up field of vision only offers a perspective on the bovine butt just ahead of us…the one we are following while chewing digital grass.

Whether we chew clockwise or counterclockwise, in favor or against, does not change anything.
This is what we have so much trouble understanding.

What we think, what we use to assert, advocate, criticize this or that.,
To slay dirty lies or expose shiny truths,
All whistles we enjoy blowing…Including this one.

There, is the trap : this belief according to which our voice is expected and needed.

This is the entrance for the digital hook into our minds.

The message will fall down in the filthy algorithmic sludge only to be re-molded according to the necessities of social engineering.

Every word we type is collected to feed the beast.
Every sentence is adding to to the squalid clay thrown at our faces every time we lose our precious lifetime on those platforms.

Whether we serve a noble cause or preach against coming omens,
Whatever the architecture of arguments erected,
All this has absolutely no interest.
That is a bitter reflection : the skinless feeling of uselessness is painful. No doubt.

What truly matters is that we keep chewing grass, so as to be milked in all good time.

The re-programming of minds will never be initiated from users’ individual or collective mind (however active, self-proclaimed independent it may be…).

The algorithm– in this realm — is almighty.
The algorithm and its creators do anything they want with our psychological structures.

Just look at yourself, as you shift perspectives on such and such topic,
As you get your opinion molded, routed by friend suggestions, interactions, content layout, or advertising visual stimuli…
This process is not as subtle as one may think.

Have you considered the ‘liking compulsion’ ?
One click after the other, it trains your mind…It offers it a light-speed quick lap, one more, around the infernal track of positions.
Every click digs a little bit deeper the ‘I’m for / I’m against’ furrow.

It teaches you not to exist away form this shallow and hopelessly depressive modality.

Let me bring up the topic …
Though it was not the initial purpose of this post, I’ll talk about it :
For what else needs to be talked about ?
Spirituality : To the properly trained mind, it is not so difficult to distinguish mechanisms at play.
When the smoke clears before the inner eyes, strings appear.
The difficulty is not to see them. It is to quit playing with them.

Franck Joseph
©FJ April 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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Many thanks to all.

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